Kogod Undergraduate Advising Team

Phone: 202-885-1914 Email: ksbadvising@american.edu

To accommodate the high volume of students during registration, we are offering expanded drop-in hours beginning October 23rd. You can stop by to see an Advisor between 9:00am and 1:00pm Monday through Friday. Appointments will still be available outside of these hours.

The Kogod School of Business utilizes a team advising model. With this model, you are free to meet with any advisor who is available. You are not assigned to a specific advisor. Whether you choose Derek, Erika, Morgan, or Sarah, we can all assist you. To see an advisor’s availability, click on their photo below. If you don’t have an advisor preference, click No Preference to see full availability of all advisors.

If you are looking to schedule a Bachelor’s-Master’s appointment and already have an updated graduation plan on file, click here.
If you don’t already have an updated grad plan, schedule an appointment with an undergraduate advisor below.