Kogod Undergraduate Advising Team

Voicemail: 202-885-1914 Email: ksbadvising@american.edu
We are not currently offering in-person meetings until further notice. Please choose one of the virtual advising options when making your appointment and provide the necessary contact information when asked. Virtual drop-in hours over Zoom are held Monday-Friday, 10am-12pm
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Join us for drop-in hours Monday-Friday from 10am-12pm EST. Come with your quick (about 10 minute) questions to meet with the first available advisor. Join our Zoom here!

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Blank, fillable PDF versions of forms can be found at kogod.american.edu/ksbadvising and clicking documents. When signing in, please do so with “@american.edu”, and not “@student.american.edu”.

Our team is always looking for ways to improve our performance and help uplift the student experience. If you have any feedback about these changes, please contact ksbadvising@american.edu.

Summer/Fall 2021 Graduation Clearance

Get cleared to graduate in Summer or Fall 2021

(30 minutes)

Study Abroad

Plan your academics abroad! Have questions on where to go that will be a “best fit” for you? Schedule an appointment with a KSB Abroad team member here!

(30 minutes)

Academic Check-in

Academic Probation, Academic Alerts or KSB honors questions

(15 minutes)


Get assistance registering for an internship for credit. Need help finding an internship? Visit the Kogod Office of Career Engagement.

(30 minutes)

Long-term Planning

Create a four-year plan to make sure you’re on track to graduation, study abroad and more. or discuss another long-term issue

(30 minutes)


Declare a major, declare a minor, prerequisite questions, or anything else!

(15 minutes)